Outreach and Public Service

Outreach and Public Service

  • Represented Cushing Library at science fiction conventions. Performed outreach to the filk community to facilitate the efforts to collect filk.
  • Represented Cushing Library at the Rainbow Resource Fairs organized by the Texas A&M GLBT Resource Center to introduce new students to GLBT-friendly student groups and resources. Represented Cushing for ‘50 Years of Inclusion’ at presentations celebrating diversity efforts at Texas A&M. Performed outreach to student groups and the community to show them the GLBT Archive materials.
  • Assisted students, faculty, and staff with references questions and research projects, using library print and electronic resources including e-journals, web guides, and databases.
  • Communicated with faculty to coordinate placing materials on reserve, including textbooks, DVDs, and electronic resources.
  • Changed books on display on the endcaps of the stacks in West Campus Library every two weeks to showcase recently published books to catch students’ attention and increase circulation.
  • Served as editor of the West Campus Library Newsletter. Picked topics for the monthly issue, wrote articles, reminded guest authors of their responsibilities, and edited articles to fit in space available.
  • Worked at the Library Service and AskUs desks circulating library materials and answering questions.
  • Processed patron requests for books, pulled books from shelves, routed books to the appropriate libraries, scanned and delivered articles to patrons.
  • Took professional development classes related to providing excellent customer service.