The British Library is Awesome

A long-lost medieval cookbook, containing recipes for hedgehogs, blackbirds and even unicorns, has been discovered at the British Library.”

Unicorn. Cookbook.

The post has pictures. They’re amazing.



Steven Savage from MuseHack contacted us after seeing our press release about collecting filk. MuseHack is about the idea that your creativity and geeky interests should be put to use and improved and has posts about how to build a career you enjoy, explores finding and building communities of like-minded people, and improving your skills and in general how to do things that you’re passionate about. Our interview with him is here.

We were also contacted by the student newspaper, the Battalion, who also wanted to write about our efforts to collect filk. They asked us to define filk, which is extremely difficult — filk has many aspects and ways filkers explain what it is that we do, and it’s a discussion that the filk community is still having. But I gave it a shot and mentioned Weird Al as someone who does something that some filkers do as a way to explain what some filkers do, and I also tried to be clear that while Weird Al does things that are filk-like, he does not consider himself to be a filker and the filk community doesn’t consider him to be a filker. But the article says that he’s considered to be a filker. The article also thinks that wizard rock is filk, which also is not thought to be filk by the filk community or, I am told, by people who do wizard rock. (I didn’t actually mention wizard rock, though I did think of bringing it up as another thing that was like filk but wasn’t filk.) But it looks like someone else stumbled across it and is now interested in Cushing’s filk collection, and if wizard rock is a way to get people into filk, that’s pretty awesome.

Adding Filk to the Science Fiction Library

The announcement that Cushing is going to actively start collecting filk (we had some in the collection already as part of another fan collection) hasn’t been up for too long, but I’m pretty excited about the response we’ve gotten so far: the announcement was posted on i09, we’ve had several people contact us to send us CDs or songbooks, and we’ve had a few interview requests. Hopefully the word will continue to spread and we’ll keep collecting filk. I’m looking forward to seeing how the collection grows and am glad I had the opportunity to start this off!